Finding Fuzzy Inverse Matrix Using Wu’s Method

Document Type : Research Paper


1 Department of mathematics, Chabahar maritime university. Chabahar, Iran

2 Department of Mathematics, Chabahar Maritime University, Chabahar, Iran



In this study, the concept of an inverse matrix including fuzzy number elements is extended. Such a concept may be performed in the modeling of uncertain and imprecise real-world problems.
The problem of finding a fuzzy inverse matrix is converted to a problem to solve a system of fuzzy polynomial equations. Here, a fuzzy system is transformed to an equivalent system of crisp polynomial equations. The solution of the system of crisp polynomial equations is calculated using Wu’s method and is introduced a criterion for invertibility of a fuzzy matrix (FM). In addition, an algorithm is proposed to calculate the fuzzy inverse matrix. The most important advantage of the presented method is that it achieves whole inverse entries of an FM, simultaneously. In the end, we give some illustrative examples to show the efficiency and proficiency of our proposed algorithm.