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Journal of Mahani Mathematical Research (JMMR) is an open-access peer-reviewed journal that provides biannual publication of articles in all areas of pure and applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Statistics. It is an international refereed journal. JMMR has the aim to propagate innovative research and eminence in knowledge. JMMR Journals has become a prominent contributor to the research communities and societies. JMMR Journal is making the bridge between research and development. There is no publication fee.

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Abbreviation: J. Mahani Math. Res.

Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2 - Serial Number 22, May 2022, Pages 1-158 

A note on multivariate majorization

Pages 119-126

Mehdi Dehghanian; Ahmad Mohammadhasani

Scott-topology based on transitive binary relation

Pages 127-139

Osama Rashed Sayed; Nabil Hassan Sayed

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