On hypersurfaces of Lorentzian standard 4-space forms satisfying a biconservativity condition

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Basic Sciences, University of Maragheh, Maragheh, Iran


In this manuscript, we consider an extended version of biconservativity condition (namely, ${\textrm C}$-biconservativity) on the Riemannian hypersurfaces of Lorentzian standard 4-space forms. This new condition is obtained by substituting the Cheng-Yau operator ${\textrm C}$ instead of the Laplace operator $\Delta$. We show that every ${\textrm C}$-biconservative Riemannian hypersurface of a Lorentzian 4-space form with constant mean curvature has constant scalar curvature.


Main Subjects

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