Volume & Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1 - Serial Number 26, November 2023, Pages 1-574 
Generating modern persian carpet map by style-transfer

Pages 23-44

Dorsa Rahmatian; Monireh Moshavash; Mahdi Eftekhari; Kamran Hoseinkhani

Merging of units based on inverse data envelopment analysis

Pages 45-59

Saeid Ghobadi; Khosro Soleimani-Chamkhorami

Meromorphic functions with missing coefficients defined by $q$-derivative

Pages 61-70

Shahram Najafzadeh; Tahereh Behpour; Ali Ebadian; Robab H. Haghi

Stability of Deeba and Drygas functional equations in non-Archimedean spaces

Pages 167-180

Davood Khatibi Aghda; Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Modarres Mosaddegh

Biodiversity: SDGs and Aichi Targets

Pages 279-291

J.N. Mordeson; Sunil Mathew

On the distributivity of the lattice of radical submodules

Pages 347-355

Hossein Fazaeli Moghimi; Morteza Noferesti

Numerical solutions for a class stochastic partial differential equations

Pages 357-382

Mehdi Karami; Ali Mohebbian; Sudeh Razaghian; Mehran Namjoo; Mehran Aminian

A view on weighted exponential entropy and examining some of its features

Pages 391-402

S. Mazloum Panjehkeh; Manije Sanei tabass; G. R. Mohtashami Borzadaran; Mohammad Amini

An overview of diabetes diagnosis methods on the Pima Indian dataset

Pages 417-441

Farzad Heydari; Marjan Kuchaki Rafsanjani; Masoumeh Sheikh Hosseini Lori

Structure of finite groups with some weakly $S$-semipermutable subgroups

Pages 457-466

Hassan Jafarian Dehkordi; Gholamreza Rezaeezadeh; Masoumeh Bibak

Some results on commutative BI-Algebras‎

Pages 491-510

Akefe Radfar; Shahriar Soleymani; Akbar Rezaei

Index rank-$k$ numerical range of matrices

Pages 525-534

Sharifeh Rezagholi; Rouholah Yasini

Extended tabu search-based scheduling to improve profitability in heterogeneous parallel systems

Pages 535-562

Saeedeh Bakhoda; Mohammad Abdollahi Azgomi; Mohammad Reza Ebrahimi Dishabi