Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 1 - Serial Number 24, January 2023, Pages 1-361 
Rényi Entropies of Dynamical Systems: A Generalization Approach

Pages 15-33

Zahra Eslami Giski; Hossein Fathizadeh; Somayeh Ghiasi Hafezi

The fuzzy D'Alembert solutions of the fuzzy wave equation under generalized differentiability

Pages 91-126

Mohsen Miri Karbasaki; Mohammad Reza Balooch Shahriari; Omolbanin Sedaghatfar

Forecasting educated unemployed people in Indonesia using the Bootstrap Technique

Pages 171-182

Umi Mahmudah; Sugiyarto Surono; Puguh Wahyu Prasetyo; Annisa E. Haryati

The small intersection graph of filters of a bounded distributive lattice

Pages 311-326

Shahabaddin Ebrahimi Atani; Mehdi Khoramdel; Maryam Chenari

Modeling the effect of quarantine and hospitalization on the spread of COVID-19 during the toughest period of the pandemic

Pages 339-361

Abayomi Ayotunde Ayoade; Paschal Achor Ikpechukwu; Srinivasarao Thota; Olumuyiwa James Peter