Volume & Issue: Volume 12, Issue 2 - Serial Number 25, May 2023, Pages 1-593 
A characterization of skew $b$-derivations in prime rings

Pages 7-18

Shakir Ali; Mohammad Salahuddin Khan; Mohammed Ayedh; Vaishali Varshney

On skew power series over McCoy rings

Pages 19-27

Masoome Zahiri; Saeide Zahiri

Ant colony optimization with fuzzy-based ensemble of heuristics for ensemble feature selection

Pages 29-56

Nazanin Zahra Joodaki; Mohammad Bagher Dowlatshahi; Mehdi Joodaki

Languages of single-valued neutrosophic general automata

Pages 57-75

Marzieh Shamsizadeh; Mohammad Mehdi Zahedi; Khadijeh Abolpour

On timelike hypersurfaces of the Minkowski 4-space with 1-proper second mean curvature vector

Pages 217-233

Firooz Pashaie; Naser Tanoomand Khooshmehr; Asghar Rahimi; Leila Shahbaz

The complex-type cyclic-Fibonacci sequence and its applications

Pages 235-246

Ömür Deveci; Özgür Erdağ; Uğur Güngoz

On multiplication $fs$-modules and dimension symmetry

Pages 363-374

Nasrin Shirali; Sayed Malek Javdannezhad; Sayedeh Fatemeh Mousavinasab

Two-stage and modified two-stage estimation in threshold first-order autoregressive process

Pages 391-410

Soudabe Sajjadipanah; Sayyed Mahmoud Mirjalili; AhmadReza Zanboori

Some criteria for solvability and supersolvability

Pages 425-429

Zohreh Habibi; Masoomeh Hezarjaribi

Jensen’s inequality and tgs-convex functions with applications

Pages 459-469

Hasan Barsam; Yamin Sayyari; Somayeh Mirzadeh

A mathematical model of a diphtheria outbreak in Rohingya settlement in Bangladesh

Pages 547-563

Asma Akter Akhi; Farah Tasnim; Saima Akter; Md. Kamrujjaman